Girls Just Wanna Box

Girls Just Wanna Box (GJWB™) Girls want to get fit, feel strong, be healthy… mind, body and soul. Empower themselves to be whatever their heart desires. Follow their dreams, conquer their fears, work towards goals and become a catalyst for others to do the same. Girls REALLY do just wanna box and reap the benefits that boxing has to offer in the form of body transformation and confidence! Oh yeah, and it’s also fun to punch stuff! This is the philosophy of GJWB™ A new boxing lifestyle company for woman, currently exclusively at Clancy’s Boxing Academy.

There are now FIVE GJWB classes a week!

Contact us about our GJWB™ birthday parties! Starting from six years old and up! Coming soon…GJWB™ TEEN and TWEEN seminars that include Girl Power conversations and nutritional guidance!
For more info on all the fun please contact Kristina directly at


Our 12 Week Fast Track course is to take you from pencil pusher to pugilist...

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Membership has its benefits.

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CBA will train you at our office or yours!

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Corporate, Amateur, & Professional we are all boxing all the time!

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