Vision & Mission

Our mission is to celebrate and bring to the masses “the Sweet Science” of Boxing as a sport designed to build self-confidence, reduce stress, control weight, condition and strengthen the mind, body and soul.

Our vision is to build a great worldwide boxing franchise by building “champions” where winning is the goal, but taking the journey makes you a champion. Regardless of sex, age, weight, body type or abilities, we strive to create a boxing environment free of ego and filled with empowerment through education. We will put the fighter first in terms of safety, training, and career, while upholding the highest standards of training. Clancy’s Boxing Academy is built on a foundation of giving members the highest standards in science, training techniques, sports medicine, nutrition, sports psychology, strength conditioning and expert coaching by professionals who share in this vision.


Our 12 Week Fast Track course is to take you from pencil pusher to pugilist...

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Membership has its benefits.

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CBA will train you at our office or yours!

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Corporate, Amateur, & Professional we are all boxing all the time!

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