Fight Path™

CBAcutlinesOne thing we at CBA have noticed is that within boxing a clear Fight Path™ was difficult to map out with varied goals. That is why we have decided that personalized Fight Path’s will be the cornerstone of our boxing club. It is the personalized plan our team maps out for your boxing, fitness and health goals. We pride ourselves on being a member’s club where the average person can box for fitness or follow their Fight Path™ to their dream of being a contender. Perhaps you are a corporate boxer who wants to learn everything about the sport and live your dream of getting in the ring? You could be an amateur hopeful who dreams of attending the Olympics? Or an accomplished amateur boxer who wants to understand the professional world of boxing and whether it’s a fit for you? Who ever you are we will explain what it takes to get to each level openly and honestly, if you have the heart and determination to follow your path, the CBA team will work hard to get you there!

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