Mark Simmons at the Commonwealth Games!

Jul 28th, 2014

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Mark Simmons at the Commonwealth Games!

In honour of the opening of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, where Mark won a Gold medal 16 years ago, we wanted to share his semi-final match where he came back after getting two 8 counts in the first round of this 5 round match. The fight previous to this he beat Ike Quartey’s brother from Ghana and then went on to beat another fighter out of Africa for the Gold medal. Mark wanted to  show this fight for a very important reason. “It’s important to see this fight because I was knocked down only twice in over 225 fights and Russ Ambers word’s couldn’t be more true, ‘It doesn’t matter what happens when you get knocked down, it matters what happens when you get back up’!” says Coach Mark!

So remember that CBA members and future Commonwealth Champions!

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