What is your Fight Path™?

Jan 14th, 2014

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What is your Fight Path™?

Boxing can be an intimidating sport and most people I meet secretly want to try boxing or some type of combative sport but feel they can’t say it out loud? They feel they will be judged, laughed at or told “You can’t do that, you aren’t tough enough!” What if you break your nose? Who you? You don’t have the fighting spirit!? Just name the negative fearful comment someone could say…I have heard it all and they were all said to me over and over again. So I stopped talking about boxing and just did it! I had trained for years at different clubs, different gyms and all over the world. I felt I had some skill but didn’t know for sure, I just hoped someone somewhere would say you are good enough to fight, or not a chance move on! It’s for this reason that we have implemented the mandatory discussion with each member to determine everyone’s INDIVIDUAL Fight Path™  here at CBA. Your FP might be to take classes a few times a week and start learning how to box while increasing your cardiovascular strength. Someone else’s could be to get in the ring and spar, this might take a year of training but at least expectations are managed, timelines and guidance are available to get you there, safely. Perhaps you need to reach your Fight Weight by June because you will be on vacation and want to not be stressed out about wearing a bathing suit? Well that is your Fight Path™ and we can get you there if you are ready for change. Finally you may be like me and at 25 made the decision you want to fight and go to the Olympics if possible? (Having women’s boxing in the Olympics back then would have been helpful but that’s another blog topic) Our team can help you map that out with realistic goals, timelines, milestones and the support to get you there if that is your dream. Again we give you the tools it’s up to you what you do with them. We have a program or a path to help all our clients and members achieve their goals. Our mandate is to train everyone how to box whether you compete or not. At CBA we think this is the most amazing sport in the world and the benefits along the way are what we all want, more confidence, a way to combat stress and an overall better body, mind and soul! 

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